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Kitchen renovations in Townsville are a great opportunity for a contractor to shine. Here at Finch, we take care of the whole kitchen renovation process from designing, re-installations, new cabinet installs, and simple remodeling. So you do not need to call countless construction or renovations companies trying to coordinate all trades services just to get your whole renovations completed. All our Kitchen renovation services stick to the highest building codes and standards, just one among the many reasons we are constantly being recommended in Townsville and its surrounding areas for all kinds of home renovations, from Townsville bathroom renovations, to kitchens and even basement makeovers.

Kitchen renovations are our most popular request here in Townsville. Unlike other places, homeowners require their kitchen to look more than contemporary; they want it to feel more than a meal preparation place. That is the reason, when it comes to kitchen renovating we do all we can to ensure that it’s both functional and of high-quality.

A simple fixture such as kitchen cabinet, shelves, and drawers designed may be overlooked, but these are the important places for your kitchen appeal, so when renovating, it’s imperative that you do consider them as collection storage for all your gadgets. These parts should be designed to last and to match your kitchen appeal not to mention, with homeowner’s desire.

Kitchen cabinets

Although you may find it cheaper to fill the kitchen space with cabinets, this does not in any way add the value to your kitchen. You need to get custom cabinetry designed by our kitchen renovation experts. Solid cabinetry is the key to any kitchen, and here at Finch Constructions, the best Townsville builder, we offer you virtually endless choices for remodeling your kitchen cabinets. Whether it’s refinishing or, re-facing or complete cabinet replacement, we have the experts to provide you with the appeal you want. Cabinets made by our experts are designed to last, and we prefer using plywood to particleboard, and use dowels or dovetailing rather than gluing and hiding the seems under the mounts to side slide brackets. Our kitchen cabinetry is second to none and we pride ourselves on giving you great craftsmanship that you just won’t find any where else. And we only use experienced Townsville carpenters to promote our town and its skills.


If you want to make the time, you spend on your kitchen enjoyable; you might need to adjust the heights of your countertops to fit your style and the functionality of your kitchen. Our experts will ensure that your kitchen is pleasurable with dashes of style and style by using latest trends in the industry.

We ONLY use the very best building materials and fixtures like Kohler and Moen


Those Kitchen cabinets and faucets may seem sturdy now, but eventually, they may not, considering that the kitchen is among the frequently used in any home, so do not sacrifice craftsmanship for discount prices, when it comes to such areas. Here at Finch Constructions, we have skilled carpenters who are competent to provide you with the faucets that will last a lifetime.

Finishing touches

When it comes to wood choice and finishing touches, you also have a broad range of options. Whatever your choice is we will ensure your Townsville kitchen cabinets are from local or domestic hardwoods, thereby lessening the effect of Townsville climatic condition. Our aim is not only to make sure that you choose from a customized selection of wood, style, hardware but also to ensure the finish you get turns your kitchen into the beautiful and functional space you have always desired.

Do not worry about the effect of your kitchen renovation on the Townsville environment, as long as you choose and work along with a reliable local contractor. It doesn’t matter whether the renovation is meant to give you extra space or to increase the value of your home like maybe an outdoor kitchen as seen on somepatios in Townsville, or you are just craving for a change, with Finch Constructions Kitchens renovation services, you’ll have a lot to benefit from a kitchen renovation project. Let us help you choose a timeless style that won’t bore you decades to come. All you need is to share with us your budget, and we will for sure do wall we can to stick to it, and we will help you choose the best materials available.


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