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A lot of people don’t think much about their perfect bathroom, and that’s a shame. When you have a bathroom that is designed specifically for you and your family’s needs, it’s a feeling of satisfaction that will be noticed.

Work out your budget

The two most expensive rooms in your house are your bathroom and your kitchen. So understand that a bigger percentage of your construction budget will be spent on these two rooms versus a simple bedroom or living room with many less fixtures and appliances needed. So deciding on what percentage of your budget you want to spend on your bathroom is an important factor. This will help us understand the quality of materials we can use and the amount of labor costs we will be able to dedicate to your bathroom.

Do you need an architect?

I really depends on how clear you are on what you want. If you know basically what type of bathroom you want, we can help with some basic plans and layouts to better see what your finished project will look like. But if you have no plan whatsoever, it may be wise to use an architect to help layout your bathroom with the best possible use of space as a bathroom is typically not the largest room of the home. Using a qualified and licensed architect can give you better results when deciding how to use your limited space most efficiently.

Building Permits

Some contractors will tell you if the building is going on within your house that you do not need a building permit. This is simply false. Although obtaining a permit does cost time and money, there is a reason they are required. Especially in a bathroom.

For example, a bathroom obviously has a lot of water and metal surfaces and fixtures. This is a quick way for electricity to pass from the wire to you. So permits make sure that your contractor is doing their job correctly. One shorting wire can cause serious injury or death. This is a serious matter in bathroom construction and renovations.

Another thing to understand is that building codes are set for a reason. Through time, architects and engineers have clearly defined what strengths certain building materials need to be used and where according to the climate they are being used in. To use something that is not “up to code” is really just ensuring that your project will not last long and will most likely cost you more money to fix in the end.

This is even more important when you’re adding an addition and need to pour concrete or doing a complete renovation. That’s why we never cut corners regardless of whether the client wants to or not.

We only use the highest quality brands for our bathroom fixture installs like Delta Faucets, Moen Faucets, and Pfister Faucets,

Why we are the best bathroom renovators in Townsville

For custom-made bathrooms, or any room of your home for that matter, Finch Constructions has no equal. We have completed far more bathroom jobs than we can count. This includes both totally new construction as well as renovations. Our quality workmanship is unsurpassed and is one of the reasons we are quickly becoming the top construction company in Townsville.

Bathrooms are a very specific type of construction. They require a lot of detail as most surfaces are covered in tile and counter surfaces are usually marble. One slight imperfection can make the entire job a failure. So your contractor and their employees must be very detail orientated. And this is exactly what we excel in.

And due to the fact that we have so much experience in building dream bathrooms, we have a solid network of support services we have found over the years to continue to give us the best quality materials that are flawless and at a reasonable cost. No contractor will cut their own marble bathroom counter tops, knowing who to use and getting them to give you their best work on a timely basis is only something that happens after a long relationship with the companies. The types of relationships we have here at Finch.


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