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If you have ever renovated in the past or more so, if you haven’t, you probably know how the renovation process can be daunting, but with a little help, you can tackle the process quickly without anxieties. There is a logical order through which renovation should be undertaken, and if you stray from this order, you will end up having to undo previously completed work or tackle repairs that could have otherwise been avoided.finch-constructions-renovations-townsville

7- Steps Recipe for renovation success

Work out the type of renovations you needs

You must try to figure out, how you will want to utilise your space. The best way to do that is to list down all your priorities and that of your spouse, then come up with one compatible and straightforward solution. Advance researches is the key to getting what both of you want, but remember, sometimes you might find yourself sacrificing your needs to that of your family.

Work out your budget

One you have an idea of the kind of renovation you will undertake, it’s time to decide how you will pay for it. You will need to come up with a number that won’t keep you awake all night long. Simply work out with a number you can afford, by factoring everything from labor costs, materials, living arrangements (if you will be seeking alternative housing during renovations) and any other factor that is likely to increase cost on your project.

Get some extra funding

If you are considering borrowing, discuss your needs with your lender. Remember, in any construction jobs there are always cost overruns, so make sure the amount you borrow is at least 10 percent more than your estimated budget.

Get an Architect or an Engineer

Many homeowners think that an engineer or architect fees are far beyond reach, but the truth is, they can save you a considerable amount of money in the long run when it comes to renovation projects. The design concepts from an engineer are prudent costs saving way that can kick start your renovation project.

Council permits needed

Permits are critical, and if you forget to secure one, you might find yourself redoing renovation work, which is not only costly but also discouraging. Make sure you check latest regulations since inspection rules do change and they can vary from one location to another.

Selecting the right builder

For custom-made extensions and renovation, you must choose the right builder. You can pick several and compare, but the most important thing is to consider is whether the builder you choose has his builders licenses, or the right insurances to protect your assets and current job. Additionally, he must have the experience to do so. You can ask around from friends and relatives, or you can check Google reviews, Facebook reviews, Yelp and more. Don’t just get comfortable with reviews you see, ask for references, call them to get firsthand information about the builder.

Consider the time it will take for a builder to complete the project

It takes a fine eye to know whether a builder is doing everything right, so the least you can do is track down the time the builder will take to complete the project. You do not want to rush the builder, but it is important to ask your project timeline.

It’s no doubt that renovation can be stressful, but Finch Constructions, one of the fastest growing most reputable builders in Townsville can help put those stress in check by getting you through the process. Finch Constructions provides a wide range of Renovations Townsville services including home renovations, custom renovations, bathroom renovations and much more. The company understands the importance of construction to Townsville’s economy, so Mark Finch has come up with dozens of innovating design, and construction process whose aim is to delivers a massive return on every dollar invested in your project.


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