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When you’re looking for a Concreting company in Townsville, North Queensland, be sure to choose one that has the experience and skills that are needed to do the job right.

Like the saying goes, “A house is only as good as its foundation.”

This couldn’t be more true. And working with concrete takes special skills that a regular “handyman” or carpenter just isn’t going to know.

It all starts with the forms. These are what hold the concrete in place as it’s being poured. These MUST be laid out with extreme precision according to the architects plans or everything after that is going to be wrong. This takes special knowledge to do correctly and specialized tools as well.

A good contractor will have a laser level to be sure that the forms are properly leveled and water run off on flat slabs isn’t a problem. Or the height of a home’s footer and foundation isn’t too high and other parts of the house like the stairs be extended to make up for the mistake.

We use rebar in all of our pours, whether it is a slab or a foundation, rebar is essential to give the concrete something to hold it together to get the maximum strength from it. The minimum thickness is often ½ inch rebar, or for smaller slabs rebarb wire is used, a sort of metal mesh.

There are also inspections and different concrete strengths and pouring options that need to be carefully planned out and followed to the most minute details. Due to the weather in Townsville, there are certain levels of thickness and tinsel strength that are required by law by the zoning commission.

Slabs must have a minimum thickness of four inches, and strength is different depending on it use.

These rules are there to protect you. The last thing you need is to fail a concrete inspection and need to re-pour. That means breaking up the old concrete with jackhammers and starting over. This is seriously costly as concrete and labor are expensive.

Pouring the concrete

And when it comes to pouring a concrete foundation for your home, there are a lot of aspects to getting the job done right. Things like proper drainage need to be taken into account. Usually pipes will be laid around the footings of the house and then the area is backfilled with gravel so the water can permeate to the pipes where it flows away from the foundation.

Without proper foundation drainage, your basement will be damp which in turn breaks down the concrete quicker as well as promotes mold and mildew growth. So make sure you’re contractor is doing a complete job.

And as far as pouring slabs for things such as decks, sidewalks, pool surrounds or skirtings, or backyard porches, again, finishing these slabs correctly takes skills and special equipment like power trowels and large aluminum bull floats. Tools that take experience to use and master.

These tools are also quite expensive and many contractors don’t own their own because they simply do not do enough concrete work to justify the cost. You need a properly outfitted company like Finch Renovations that not only have the equipment, but the skills to use it correctly.

And no job is too big or too small for us. We have poured footing for house additions and have laid slabs for just a small backyard decks or shed placements. We also specialize in concrete steps and concrete runways for people in wheelchairs or having a handicap.

Concrete Finishes

We also work with many different kinds of finishes.

For things like a driveway or simple back yard decking area, a nice “broom” finish is often enough. The finish is a little rough so that the concrete slab doesn’t become slippery when wet.

Or you can opt for a super glossy flat finish for a finished basement where we will use a power trowel to finish the concrete to a point it almost shines like a mirror.

And another popular finish is a natural one where the stone is slightly exposed by washing the very top of concrete with a damp sponge. The result is a finish that looks natural and offers a rougher finish for areas that may get wet often and traction for walking is advisable.

We can even go as far as using dyes to color the concrete and Concrete Stamps to “stamp” or impress a pattern into the concrete. This of course takes a lot more time and is a more costly option. But the end results often come out stunning and the maintenance on stamped concrete is zero. So the return on your investment does come back to you.

We also have the ability to do hard to reach jobs like a commercial property that requires multiple floors. Constructions sites like these require using a concrete pump to reach the top of the footings that will hold the concrete into place until it cures and is hard enough for the forms to be removed.

And we will do the job from start to finish. Due to our years of experience and number of clients in Townsville, we know all of the building codes and understand what is required from us by the local inspection officers.

We take care of all of the planning and will get the proper permits to make sure all work is done legally. That’s because we are a licensed contractor and we carry the proper insurance for construction work in and around Townsville.

And once the job is finished, we can still help you maintain your concrete work by offering to resealing the work every few years. This entails adding a protective coating to your slab to protect it from the elements. The polymers help block out UV rays from the sun as well as add a waterproof element to the concrete. Concrete on its own is not waterproof.

Although not necessary, it does help prolong the life of the work.


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