Understand What’s Needed and What’s Not


Being experienced carpenters in Townsville we come to notice that timber is the choice among materials that are preferable to many residents, not only because they are inexpensive, but also because they are able to match the durability of North Queensland’s harsh climate. The climate here is often humid, so homes and any other materials made of timber need to be designed or modified in a way that ensures residents remain thermally comfortable. That, of course, means hiring a reliable Carpenter that has the skills needed to work in such climates. At Finch Constructions, we understand this as one among many reasons we have a reputation around here.

It is too unfortunate to say that most of the carpentry services you will come across do not have the right experience or more so the skills to offer you the kind of quality decks, fences, patio, Kitchen Renovations, windows or the houses needed to withstand the climate around here. You will be lucky to find ones like Finch Constructions who knows the timber that will complement our territory and its harsh climate.

Reliability & Professionalism

One of the most important aspects of being a Carpenters is professionalism when delivering any carpentry service no matter how small. Professionalism means putting your customer’s satisfaction as a priority at all times. Most homeowners know what they want in design, but what they really need is up to the carpenter, this means that our carpenters need to guide the client every step of the way on the projects to ensure what they need is also he wanted in the first place. Honesty is also part of professionalism; you do not want to hire a carpenter in Townsville whose initial quote is half the one you pay.


Punctuality is another important essential. There is a reason you have called for a professional, and slight delays can mess the entire project up and possibly increasing the overall cost of the project. You also need to hire someone who can work with other contractors or someone who is part of a construction company. This ensures that your project is able to run smoothly without significant interruptions.

Timber to use

Timber has an affinity for moisture, and while natural moisture may not damage furniture and other wood structure, top Carpenters in Townsville should be able to identify the one that wood will compliment Australia’s weather and the service they provide. For example, the timber used for fences or a timber gate will be different with ones to be used for building forms for concrete or on a deck build or a kitchen or bathroom project. Knowing the timber to use ensures that the timber structure you have is not only durable but also cost effective.


Most people hire to increase the value to their home, and that won’t be possible unless you hire a carpenter who understands not only your needs but also one ready to provide high-quality services at all times regardless of challenges on the way. Unfortunately, very few workers are willing to do that, which is why it is imperative to choose a carpenter who is ready to follow through your guideline at times and customize everything you want the way you want it whenever you want it.


The phrase that you get what you pay for applies very much in construction services. Cheap wood workers may give you what you want, but they won’t provide you with what you need, and that is paramount here especially for when they go to buy the materials for your project.

This few factors are paramount when picking services. At Finch Constructions, we have the necessary experience that allows us to know what you need. We pride ourselves on being punctual, and our quotes won’t give you nasty surprises after project completion. Our aims in not only build to suite your lifestyle, but we construct innovated styles that goes with the way you live.


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